What is Star Network and Star?

Star is a digital currency that you can earn from StarNetwork.

Star Network’s a social DeFi (decentralized finance) network) which enables users to connect and earn, store and transfer your Star balance to your peers.

StarNetwork will also continue its development to be an one-stop DeFi platform with currency exchange, borrowing & lending, wallet & payment functions in a different direction from Bitcoin.

When the project develops and evolves, Star Network will develop its own blockchain main net for Star and list Star on major exchanges, also offer further decentralized finance solutions like decentralized financing, wallet & payment, crypto exchange and furthermore.

It is missioned to be one of the world’s largest one-stop decentralized financial platforms.

Decentralized Financing


Decentralized Exchange

Decentralized Infrastructure

Borrow and lend fiat money or financial assets easily. Earn Up to 30% p.a.

Issue our own crypto-fiat debit card. Enjoy Lifestyle Benefits. Members will get free access to digital services and exclusive offers with merchants.

Founding team members

Star Network’s core team is formed by professionals in investment banking, technology, and payment network fields. The core team consists of ex-senior executives of investment banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, technology giants including Google, Facebook, Apple and payment networks including Visa, Paypal. 

As Star Network’s missioned to be a global project, our core team members are based in leading financial hubs with mature financial and technological infrastructures including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Combining the core team’s expertise in investment banking, fintech, social media and compliance, Star Network’s dedicated to building the safest and friendliest all-in-one decentralized financial system. Core team members will disclose their identity in the project ‘s later stage when timing matures.

Development Roadmap

2021.10 – Libra Drawing, KYC and P2P transfer

2022.10 – Decrease and cessation of Star new supply 

2022.12 – Launching other Defi projects

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